Friday, March 23, 2012

Roman Uranjek.

Roman Uranjek is a prominent figure in the Irwin group of the NSK movement; photos were taken during his interview at Kulturni multipraktik. 
Roman is the second reason why I have proposed renaming the Multipraktik into "guys with guts" event, since NSK movement was most certainly a movement that tested the limits of ex-state's tolerance. We've been told many things, for example why Tito was fond of metal (related to the "poster affair" - in 1987, Irwin group won the contest for the poster which would celebrate late Tito's birthday - Day of Youth. The jury somehow failed to acknowledge that the poster was an extreme provocation as it was based on Richard Klain's nazi propaganda poster from 1936 - however, one of the generals was bothered by some of the poster's features - it has to be said that generals were those who decided whether a poster should win or not. The general was bothered by the poster being made of metallic black color instead in vivid colors of the youth - "boje trebaju da budejo crvene ili žute, kao mladost, a ne crne kao metal" would be a loose translation of what he said. However, the Irwins responded with: "boje su metalne zato što je i Tito bio metalac," which most probably relates to Tito's profession of a metal worker. Strange enough, the general was satisfied with the response).

Photos were taken with Nikon D200 and nikkor 85 1.8 Af-S G. No flash was used - which has to be mentioned at this point. Using flash at such, more intimate environment of the silent room is at least disrespectful, especially concerning the topics discussed. However, the "pro" hired to cover the whole event did not mind to come in and disrupt the whole thing with firing his fancy flash - which is already something for which one can be described as šalabajzer in Slovene (coming from arab. shal' ab' ayser, meaning the one that fails to complete things properly. The example of šalabajzerizem can be seen here (not the show itself, just the photos). Seriously, I do wonder why school doesn't rather invest into facilities such as darkroom and the lenses rather than overpaying services of such "professionals".)

PS: After a few weeks, I've been kindly told that the professional did his work for free. That's quite all right actually, as it changes everything. Had it been otherwise, we would have paid for c*ap, but now we've got it for free.

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