Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pahor's coronation* & Protestival

"Come and see us Janez!" - in the spirit of new age, Children of Socialism(Otroci Socializma, a cult punk band) transformed into Children of Oportunism(Otroci Oportunizma) and unlike Brane, who refuses to go and watch his late neighbour, Janez refuses to meet with the people.  

Actually, I've most probably just arrived in the moment when our newly elected president and other members of so-called Slovene political elite were just leaving palace of Slovene Parliament and were heading towards Cankarjev dom. I'm using the term most probably as I haven't really seen any of those things, but I've heard the crowd booing and calling the politicians thieves. Later, on the evening news, I've also seen that  the crowd actually turned their backs on the members of our so-called elite, which is an enough eloquent piece of information on itself. 

The term coronation stands there for a reason as well - and not for the greatness of our newly elected president or for the importance of the situation - in fact, it stands there to mark just the opposite. Never before has the Republic Square (a large venue, designed for celebrations of important historic events) been emptied and guarded with that many armed forces. Ironically, if that term is even appropriate, people have been prevented access to the place which is most often referred to as the symbolical birthplace of our democracy. Square's emptiness and presence of armed forces seemed quite surreal, much like coronations of some third world monarchs. On a different level, they only spoke about our government's fear and alienation from their people. 

Nikon F100
Nikkor 50 1.8 Ai-S
Kodak Portra 400, pushed two stops

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