Thursday, August 2, 2012

IPhO 2012 - the journey and day 1

I've decided to split the story of IPhO into several smaller posts - starting with the one about our journey and the first day spent in Tallinn. As the photo above implies, Sunday of 15th July started pretty early for us - with a morning rush towards the Jože Pučnik Airport (I'll probably never get used to the name, though...)

The sign say "Good luck our olympians" and was erected in honour of our departure. (Ok, it's actually meant for our competitors in London but the idea is still nice)

60% of Slovene olympic during a one hour stop at the Munich airport.  The journey in total lasted for only about 4,5 hours
The weather at the Tallinn airport upon our arrival. And, to be honest, pretty much throughout all of our stay in Tallinn. (ok, to be truly honest, weather in Tartu was completely different and we've also experienced some sunny days in Tallinn)
We had fun at the "Ice breaking event" despite the weather. The event itself was held in the Estonian Open Air Museum which is really a place worth seeing if you're into old traditions and habits.
Beds in Viru Hotel in Tallin. The poster in the hall said "Nights full of excitement". I'm just not sure whether those beds were already a part of the treatment ;)
A room with a view. Even though this photo perhaps doesn't fully encapture it, I've been really impressed with Estonian architecture.
And a tad of inconsistency for the end - this abstract view of Tallinn beneath our hotel was worth showing in colors.

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