Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jazz Cerkno 2012 - the final evening

Michel Doneda of the Doneda/Kocher/Sambolec/Grom quartet

As day two, also the last day of Jazz Cerkno started with us visiting the rehearsal - unfortunately, members of Atomic (the group which performed the last and gave the best performance of the whole festival) arrived slightly too late and we were unable to make any creative portraits with them - not that they weren't willing to do it, as I can hardly imagine anyone would turn down Žiga's request for a portrait, but there simply wasn't enough time. Anyway, we went for the rehearsal instead, at least there I was able to make a couple (literally) of portraits:

Jean - Louis Matinier, the accordionist in the Joseph Tawadros/Jean - Louis Matinier Duo 
Joseph Tawadros at the rehearsal...
...and at the concert

Most important thing I've learned at the workshop is about the importance of the proper moment - it's not exactly the same as Bresson's "decisive" moment, but together with proper exposure and balanced composition, catching the moment in which musician's feelings can be felt is what makes a good photograph.
Michel Doneda once again
Tomaž Grom - Doneda/Kocher/Sambolec/Grom
Last, but not least came the Atomic; things weren't really going well for me as I've almost missed the five minutes of shooting below the stage (we had a "football break" as the finals of the CL were being played that evening and I just couldn't help myself ;) Who could have predicted they would go all the way to penalties?) - well I only missed a minute or so but it was enough for a bad start - they started in accordance with their name so I probably missed quite some good shots. Anyway, I'm still quite proud of the two photos shown below:

Fredrik Ljungkvist - Atomic
Magnus Broo - Atomic
Håvard Wiik - Atomic
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten and Håvard Wiik's silhouette

This is about it; the workshop gave me a lot in terms of approach towards concert photography - and while speaking of it, Žiga Koritnik is probably among the best tutors one can get as he is available for all kinds of explanations. To get better understanding of what I am talking about, I highly recommend listening to interview which Žiga and Petra Cvelbar gave for the "Nova muska" magazine during our workshop. Click.

And a piece of advice for the viewer: I haven't yet quite figured out how to tackle sharpness problems that appear due to autoresize function in blogger - so to view photos as they should be, please click to enlarge them. 

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