Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jazz Cerkno 2012 - day two, rehearsal and the concert

After commenting on what was made the previous evening, we started taking photos of the rehearsal prior to the concert. The upper photo was taken while Vanderweyer/Van Hove/Blume/Lovens were performing on stage so this drumming kit belongs either to Paul Lovens or Martin Blume - anyway both have acquired almost a legendary status among jazz musicians. 
As we were only allowed to stand beneath the stage for the opening five minutes or so during the concerts (then we were only allowed to take photos from the side), attending the rehearsal is a nice opportunity to access places which are otherwise impossible to reach during the actual concerts - for instance, I got the chance to approach Fred Van Hove and Paul Lovens with a fish-eye lens while on stage; due to tremendous level of focus the musicians exhibit while rehearsing, a presence of a photographer is usually not too bothering. Still, we have to adopt a respectful attitude, since we are here because of the musicians and not the other way around. 
Paul Lovens preparing his drums during a rehearsal
Fred Van Hove rehearsing on his piano

Ramón López, brilliant Spanish drummer while waiting for the rehearsal to begin

Concert as seen from beneath Paul Lovens' sticks
Barry Guy of the Fernández/Guy/López trio
Ramón López again, this time in his element
Christopher Dell and Christian Lillinger of the Christian Lillingers Grund

Christian Lillinger himself


Tina Umer said...

Oooo, super fotke in super zgleda!
Bi bilo lepo bit zraven :/

Iztokx said...

oj super so
tele so mi mensezdi tanajboljs od treh dni.. pa un Tomaz Grom k matra kontrabas.. kul